New Rotos, New Tastes with Innovative Products …

Yayla Agro, the innovative company of the food industry, plays a leading role in its sector with its R&D studies and investments. R&D studies, which started in 2016, have been moved to a new dimension and gained a more systematic structure with the title of R&D Center won in August 2018. The R&D Center established by Yayla Agro in its Mersin production facility is the first and only R&D Center of the industry in the rice and pulses category. The R&D Center, which continues its research services with 25 researchers and 3 support personnel, consists of a total of 281 square meters, 142 square meters of which are application laboratories.

We Lead the Industry with Our New Production Ideas

Yayla Agro has a privileged position in the industry as the first company in Turkey to offer additive-free, preservative-free homemade flavors in BPA-free packages.

Production Forms of the Future

Ready to Eat meals’ packages are distinguished by the aspect that preserves the product in its own smell and taste for a long time. Ready-to-eat, additive-free bulgur pilaf and rice pilaf mixtures, the first liquid soup, ready-to-eat pasta and super foods are among the firsts of Yayla Agro in the industry.